SurviVR instills a survivor mindset

Think about the times you were most terrified. What did it feel like? Now triple that. Hostages in active shootings and terrorist attacks are typically paralyzed by fear. As the sound of their heartbeats pounds in their ears and adrenaline pulses through their veins, they panic and freeze, making them prime targets. There is no time or calm of mind to recall what they learned from training videos or on worksheets. They must rely on instinct.

Virtual Reality or VR delivers an immersive training environment through a simple-to-use headset and earphones. VR has been proven to be a more effective tool than traditional training methods. People trained with it are, on average, six times less likely to make mistakes. [source]

Enhance and easily scale existing active shooter trainings

SurviVR comes as a kit of VR headsets, training content, and instructions that can be easily plugged into existing active shooter trainings as a memorable, hands-on module. It can be delivered efficiently and with timing logic built in, reducing the amount of time needed to train employees.

SurviVR’s state-of-the-art technology can also test retention of concepts and the ability of participants to put strategies like run, hide, barricade, etc. into practice without limitations.


Product Features

SurviVR is the only training tool that delivers real-time analytics on how well participants performed, and assesses their readiness for an active-shooter situation.

VR is the only training tool that will make decisive action second nature. Immersive training evokes a heightened emotional response to ensure that participants revert to their training in a high-pressure situation.

VR reduces the time needed for the training, and VR sessions are scheduled with a built-in queuing system. These features minimize employees’ time investment and lets them return as a prepared workforce to their desks in less time than traditional training methods.

SurviVR can accommodate different kinds of sites, like airports, offices, houses of worship, schools, and polling stations. SurviVR can also be customized for specific sites.

The SurviVR Solution

SurviVR comes pre-loaded in a simple-to-use kit. Inside, safety professionals get headsets, training content, and instructions.

Based on the needs of the training, the content can be customized for specific sites and scenarios.

Alongside the training content, SurviVR captures insights from trainees experiences that can be used to show readiness for Health and Safety Plan (HASP) procedures.


Start training with SurviVR

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