Rapid decision-making, under pressure, is key to survivability. It is the most important skill to teach and train.


The training program is composed of several scenarios with multiple levels of difficulty. Each section is designed to teach decision-making based on complex circumstances with big trade-offs.


SurviVR slots into an active shooter training and allows for the safety trainer to wear a headset and guide the trainee in the virtual reality environment as they begin the exercise. The trainee then performs simulations alone to test knowledge retention. This can be done in a classroom setting or in stalls to service higher volumes of people.

Training Specifics

Coaches are able to change real-time variables during training scenarios, so the curriculum never grows predictable or rehearsed.

Unlike current training methods, SurviVR allows participants to train without limitations. They can move furniture, throw objects, and hear gunfire. Ongoing on-site training can be implemented on a weekly or monthly basis, much like a fire drill.

This tool can augment an existing safety training program. And with a customized environment, SurviVR can expedite a HASP plan.


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