SurviVR Vision

Shootings and terrorist attacks are unfortunately all too prevalent. We want to decrease the number of injuries and casualties that come from these attacks by preparing people with a survival mindset.


Why SurviVR?


At Human Condition Safety, we believe in creating behavioral change through use of technology, because the best way to learn is through experience. Building on knowledge gained from over a decade of work--creating hyperreal simulations that leverage cutting-edge technology -- SurviVR delivers transformative safety training tools. These tools deliver a higher level of education and engagement in a safer training environment. In the background, safety professionals can access real-time analytics on student performance to better gauge readiness.

We use VR technology to help people adopt new survival instincts because it delivers the closest approximation to a real-life situation. The training delivers multiple, highly realistic VR scenarios that trigger the emotions needed to create lasting behavioral change. The human instinct to freeze or follow—exactly the wrong instinct in an active shooter situation—is replaced with a response-ready reaction.

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